Big Reminders

God says that you are loved, you have a future, you never leave His mind, and that He will be good to you forever. He also says that your mistakes, your sins, your failures, your weaknesses, your past, and your future no longer define you the moment you accepted Jesus Christ. If you have accepted Christ in your life, it is Him who defines you right this moment, beloved.

It is Jesus who will get you through. He is your Great I Am. Everything you will possible need.

Now don’t complicate that. Just embrace it.

Just bask in His love and all that He has purchased for you by the blood He shed on the cross. Don’t put your worries, your doubts, other people’s opinions, your situation, or this world’s so-called standards and laws in the way. Just receive that love fully, and joyfully, beloved, because that’s all that you’re going to need.

Your life is beautiful, and to live it, you only need to do this: trust Jesus and His love for you. Live simply by living loved. Don’t let your fear of the future, fear of paying bills, fear of not getting what you want, or any kind of fear distract you from God’s faithfulness. Don’t let these worries and impending challenges distort the wholeness and holiness and beauty of Jesus. He is who He is and your situation do not change that. He is still good, holy, merciful, gracious, generous and outrageously in love with you, beloved.


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