A Lesson from Edmund.

The sample library research paper my professor in College Writing lent us was about the traits and behavior of the Pevensie children.  I read the sample religiously. I never expected that one of the best LRPs that my professor checked would be about Narnia. I think the writer was a Christian, because before the end of the paper she drew a parallel between God’s Redemption Story to the plot of the series.

More than learning how to write an LRP was something much more important: a love mentality.

The writer mentioned that Edmund accepted the White Witch’s offer in the second book because he did not feel loved. Remember, he considered himself the black sheep in their family. He and his brother Peter often quarreled and he was kind of mean to his sister Lucy. He felt alone, and he thought that the Jadis, the White Witch, will be able to give him the attention that he needs.

And I think we’re like Edmund most of the times. The reason why we think, do, and say unkind things to others and ourselves sometimes is we don’t feel loved. We do not know or remember that we are loved. Beyond measure. Beyond comparison.

By whom? By God Himself– the Person we’d been told all our lives we have to please. Most of us had been brought up thinking that He is a Being who constantly looks down at us, who is difficult to please and very distant from us. All these things we’ve been made to believe causes us to miss the greatest and most beautiful love and relationship of all.

God loves you. Eternally, furiously, madly, unconditionally, passionately, generously. That doesn’t change. Like Edmund, if we only knew how cherished, how precious and how valued we are in the eyes of Someone so wonderful, we no longer have to say yes impulsively to different things just for temporary pleasure. We can say no to self-pity, to sadness, to insecurity, to condemnation, because Jesus, if we will allow Him, will gather us up in His arms and keep us safe in His love forever. We will be staying there regardless of what we’ve done and how we’ve failed.

We don’t have to feel lost anymore. Jesus has opened his arms to each one of us, and if we trust Him, come to Him, we’ll find that in Him is where we truly belong.


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