Let’s Talk about Beauty.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

–Proverbs 31:30 

Yes, let’s talk about beauty.

It just saddens me that most Christian women don’t know the beauty and treasures that they hold within themselves because they are too distracted with everything that society demands that they should have. If they do know what they hold, they are just too afraid to let them out, or stand out for them, because they are too intimidated by what this world claims.

As women, we are told that we should acquire white skin, slim legs, long-hair, and other characteristics in order to be called beautiful– in order to be noticed. We don’t realize that we are all special, unique and beautiful as we really are. We don’t have to be like anyone else. We’re all different, and that’s where God’s creativity and love comes in. He made us fearfully and wonderfully, each one a rare treasure in His heart.

And we should see that. When the billboards, magazine pages, pictures, Facebook likes, or Instagram likes seem to scream at us that there’s something wrong with us, we have to look unto Christ. Refuse to be carried away with the lies. The bandwagon may be tempting, but it’s wrong.

Though this society seems to place much focus in our appearance, what God insists on is the heart. Our hearts, ladies. That’s where our King looks. Though our physical bodies are beautiful, our Father keeps His eyes on a much greater beauty–our hearts and souls.

He wants to take our hearts, make them truly His, and do wonders to them. He wants to set them in His palm, secure in His promises and love. He wants to mend every tear, every dent, and every crack. He wants to restore the joy, the peace, the child-like contentment, and trust in it. He wants to have your heart so hidden in His relationship with you that the latter becomes a shield by which you fight off the vain demands of society. He wants you to know Him so much that you become confident in Him, and in the treasures He’s given you. That’s what He wants for your heart. He wants it to be truly His.

And beloved, that’s beauty, I think. A woman of God whose heart is placed in the Father’s palm can’t help but be noticed. She is different, because she is radiant with Christ’s glory shining through her. Her eyes have this passion, because they are set upon the face of the One who loves her most. Her words are powerful because all she listens to is the Voice of Truth.

I believe that this is beauty. And God wants you to see that, beloved. Let your spiritual beauty complement your outer beauty, because that’s the way it should be. What is inner comes first and enhances what is seen. It’s never as society says. You are beautiful, and God wants to take your heart and being so you can discover more about that wonderful truth. Let Him have you.


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