I’d been looking back to how my Tumblr blog started lately. It has been running for two years now by God’s grace. It could never have been like this if it weren’t for my Papa Daddy’s favor. He taught me a lot through Tumblr.

Stages of my life have inspired how I painted in that blog’s blank canvas. I started out as a high school student rediscovering how amazing and wonderful it is to have a relationship with God. I saw miracles and revelations given to me by Jesus.

From there, I became someone rejoicing over the wonder and joy of being given the greatest gift: LOVE. I was introduced to the transforming and liberating power of His unconditional love. I witnessed that happening in my own life. I experienced promotion and provision in various areas of my life—ministry, school, and even in my life.

When I reached college, God enabled me to fully see and understand His grace—undeserved, unearned and unmerited favor—through Jesus Christ. I was learning and unlearning. I was able to let go of things that turned out to be very unnecessary now that I’m in Him. He taught me how to live only by that grace, and to look at things I’d been experiencing through the Finished Work of Jesus. He’s freed me from the mentality that I still had to prove my deservedness to the daughter’s identity that I received.

I had a very beautiful walk with Christ. It is true that God is the One writing our life stories. He is the Writer—the Master Plotter. He’s been the One painting on the emptiness and dullness of our lives, regardless of what kind of brushes we are. We have all witnessed many great things, and there’s more. When we look back, everything did work together for our good. I am so grateful that everything in this blog God has been using to remind me of how it was Him who brought me from a point of total cluelessness and childishness to here: child-like and conscious that the reason why I’m alive is only to know Him more in a relationship.

To be honest, I am in a stage of my life where I’d been struggling with spiritual-identity-security. You see, the girl narrating her Christian walk to you right now is churchless, ministry-less, and unable to have much fellowship with other Christians. She doesn’t have a mentor. She’s far from her only soul mate (her best friend). She is in a university, facing a mountain of homework. She’s frustrated with herself for not being able to do the things she’s used to do for God.

When I asked the Father what’s been happening to me lately, He showed me exactly these things, but He added, “…your story isn’t finished yet.” The Great Writer reassures me of His goodness and faithfulness in providing for me everything that I need.

The same goes with you. Your story is not finished yet. There’s still more if you hold on to the Writer. He is faithful and good and able.


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