This week is the first among the looong and exhausting weeks we will have in the university before summer starts, and I had been going through it like an action star.

Yes, an action star. I’d been running all over the place– from print shops to my dormitory, from the library to classes, and all sorts of places just to get all my requirements for the week done. I was always agitated, on-the-go, and restless. There were so many things that I had to finish and they have robbed me off precious hours of sleep and even eating my meals on time.

I wanted to cry out all the exhaustion, but I had no time for that. My schedule was just this: academics. In my mind and heart, everything was about maintaining my College Scholar standing, of catching up with lessons, and keeping everything in balance.

The other night, I almost felt tempted to say what I’d always refused to believe in– That what I was having was a HELLWEEK.

But God caught me there. He made me realize that there may be times when He won’t take away what I’d been asking Him to (like weeks like this one), He will provide the grace and ability for me to go through it. There may be times when I seem to feel that He is absent and He is not doing something, the truth will be that He’s still the reason why I am able to stand up and keep on walking.

I remember the verse in Galatians where Paul said, “Not I, but Christ.” It applies to my studies and difficult times, too. When I feel intimidated to the people I am supposed to interview, I have to remember that it is Jesus, not me, who will make things okay. It is Jesus, not me, who will answer all the things that I have to. It is Jesus, not anyone else, who will review with me during exams.

When I feel like giving up, it would probably be because I had been focusing on myself again. Well, I should just have to remember that it is Christ, not I, who will bring me through these tough college years.

I just want to let this out. There are so many times that we feel like we’re experiencing hellweeks, we’re actually just overlooking the truth that Jesus is with us, and He is the Able One. Most of the times, the reason why we give up and lose hope is because we see something that we are lacking to finish a task or survive something. We feel like we have no strength, not enough wisdom, or not enough money. We feel like we’re not enough. Well, beloved, here’s the good news for each one of us: In Jesus is our completion. We have been given every spiritual blessing in Him, and there, we have confidence. We can trust Him.

Right now, I pray that God will give you a mindblowing revelation of how trustworthy He is. Of how good He is. How able and willing is He to help you in every area of your life.

Because it’s amazing. Once you get that, you can walk in peace knowing that you are secure, whatever may this world throw to your way. This is a Graceweek we’re all experiencing, because we may have a lot in our plates right now, but He, our generous and loving Father, is pouring more and more grace for us as we need it.


2 thoughts on “GRACEweeks

  1. So true! It is often in the worst of times that we are able to seek Him and see Him moving in our circumstances. The blessing we need to hold onto is that He is always with us, His Spirit dwells within us, and regardless of what we are facing, we are not facing it alone. I love the idea of looking at a challenging week as Graceweek. Blessings!

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