Every Reason to Be Brave

They do not fear bad news ; they confidently trust in the LORD to care for them. They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly.

Psalm 112: 7-8

Being a Christian doesn’t mean immunity from bad news. It does mean, however, that we have the courage to face them, and we no longer have a reason to fear them, be afraid or be anxious about them. Why? Because of Jesus. He is the Prince of Peace who dwells in the heart of every believer, regardless of what they do, or can’t do.

Because of Him, our heart is steadfast. Jesus is our solid Bedrock, our foundation, our unshakable ground. The waves can slap at us and threaten us, but because we stand upon Him, we are secured. He is our hope, and our assurance to God’s promises. ¬†As Christians, we are bold and confident, yes. but it’s not because we are who we are, but because we know Who really is the One who goes before us, and stands behind us.

Today, whatever may our circumstances be, we don’t let anything put us down because in God’s eyes, we are righteous and honored. He is on our side, and our troubles can’t ever last. In the end, it us who will triumph, because Jesus did not only fight the battle for us. He is also won them. He is the King, the Mighty Conqueror, the Lion of Judah, and He loves us so much.


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